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Dr Raghavendran, is a perfect mix of western sophistication with eastern values.

Born and raised in India, his principles and values of life are deep rooted and come from a disciplined upbringing.

He excelled in academics through out his school years and later in professional training as well.

He went to medical school at ANDHRA MEDICAL COLLEGE in Visakhapatnam, AP, India. (1995-2001)

Later he did his Orthopaedic Residency at NIMS (NIZAM's INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES) Hyderabad. (2004-2007)

After that he worked for about an year at ASRAM Medical College and Hospital, Eluru, AP in the capacity of Asst.Professor in Dept Of Orthopaedics. It was during his tenure at ASRAM that he passed United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) and left to US for further training in Orthopaedics.(2007-2008)

He worked for 6 months as a Research Fellow with Dr Todd Swanson at Desert Orthopaedic Center, Las Vegas, in Joint Replacements during which his work on Ceramic on Ceramic Hip Replacements was published in an indexed scientific journal. (Journal of Arthroplasty) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20663638  (2008-2009)

Later he came back to India for 1 year and worked in Dept Of Orthopaedics, Andhra Medical College and left back to US to pursue his clinical fellowships. (2009-2010)

His first Clinical Fellowship in US was in New York City. He did one year of Clincal Fellowship in Orthopaedic Trauma in Elmhurst Hospital with Mount Sinai School of Medicine. (2010-2011)

After that he did a year of Clinical Fellowship in Spine Surgery at the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery (consistently ranked as #1 Hospital in Orthopaedics in US for last two decades) (2011-2012)

Following year he did another year of Clinical Fellowship in Adult Reconstruction (Joint Replacement) at another prestigious hospital, Hospital for Joint Diseases with New York University. (2012-2013)

After three years of clinical training in US and with his medical licensing exams he had the option of staying back in US and lead a comfortable life. But he chose to return back to India because of his desire to give back to home country by bringing back all his western training.

On his return to India, seeing the corporate hospitals and their profit driven medical practices, he chose to stay back in private paractice where he can make the difference in people's health and influence their lives in a more direct way.


Quality Medical Care should become a human right and should be accessible to all people regardless of their financial situation!


To bring state of the art medicine (in Orthopaedics) within the reach of all people, especially to the poor and needy.

To train young surgeons in recent advances and also to impart ethical values in them, not just to make them better surgeons but also better individuals for the larger good of the society.