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Team Approach

The statement, 'No one knows it all' - is priceless! Especially in the field of medicine!

This is where group practice and the quality of comraderie in medicine helps. Orthopaedics is no exception to it!

Dr Raghavendran believes that the best professional help always comes from colleagues and he is not shy to seek it whenever he thinks he needs it. These qualities ensure that the patient always gets the best possible treatment.

With the ideal and inspiration to touch the lives of people needing Orthopaedic Care he started Western Clinics along with his like minded colleagues, Dr Sunil (US and UK trained General Physician) and Dr Ganesh (US trained Paediatrician)

He does his surgeries at Amulya Hospital where he interacts with and is supported by other doctors in fields of Anaesthesia, Neuro-Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery and other Orthopaedic Specialities like Arthroscopy, Hand Surgery. This team of doctors understand and support each other very well both at professional and personal levels.

His ability to seek and provide 'Team Approach' is yet another reason to choose him for your Orthopaedic Problems.